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’22 with OBED: A Year Up in Dust

January 05, 2023

OBED Year In Review

Well, that was epic!

The year 2022 is in the rearview. And if this past year has taught us anything, it’s that gravel is everything. Coming out of the pandemic, riders that sought solace in the solitude of a bikepacking sojourn, dialing in the experience of the two-wheeled overnighter. We were happy to see this new cadre of riders that were able to turn the negative of the pandemic into an awakening of a new way to enjoy riding… with an OBED Boundary, a handlebar light, a tent, heatable rations, and starry sky to keep them company.

And then there were the races. And we saw great triumphs, as fans watched the talented Mo Wilson cross the finish line for the win at BWR San Diego, portending to the rising star that she was. And as a community, we experienced great sadness when we lost her weeks later.

It was a pall that hung over the gravel community, but we forged on. From BWR San Diego to SBT GRVL in Colorado, Big Sugar in Arkansas, and Unbound in Kansas, we were there, part of the gravel collective, gaining therapy and strength in the ride.

And ride we did.

If you were riding your OBED at the year’s biggest races, we were there with our team of pro mechanics, providing complimentary mechanical service, and sending you all out on test rides on our Boundary and GVR.

SBT GRVL high in the Rockies in Steamboat Springs, Colo. was one of our centerpiece events. We had our booth packed with riders getting dialed in, some testing our bikes in Little Toots Park during the many weekend shakeout rides.

 GVR on a Winning Streak

Early last year, OBED’s centerpiece gravel racer, the GVR, got more testing—this time from VeloNews, when Betsy Welch took it, well… everywhere.

“I tested the GVR last autumn on pretty much every surface that I think a gravel bike should hold its own on — from the 'champagne gravel' around Steamboat Springs, Colorado to some rougher and sharper chunk in northwest Arkansas, and on the smooth tarmac of Hawaii’s Big Island,” she said. “Given its plethora of customization options, chameleon-like versatility, and super solid performance in a variety of settings, the GVR is a great gravel bike for myriad riders — anyone from first-timers to pros will find something to love.”
- Betsy Welch, VeloNews

We also rallied around one of our ambassador gravel racers, James Walsh. A work-from-home dad living in Colorado, he’s a regional hitter in the 40+ age category and got tons of category wins, as well as an overall win at Mad Gravel in Elbert County, Colo., and overall podiums, top 5s and top 10s against several of the sport’s top pros.

We were of course stoked to be there with him for SBT GRVL, where he took on a national-level field on the Black Course winning the 40-49 age group and taking 51st overall in 7 hours, one minute. Not a bad day’s work.

What’s next for 2023?

Expect us at all the big races again and to bring your bikes to get them dialed for race day, on us. We’ll also have our bikes, from the GVR to the Boundary, on hand for pre-race test rides. We were stoked to see you out, doing your thing, whatever that was, and look forward to seeing you out there again in the new year!

Learn about we are up to in 2023!

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OBED Exclusive

Size Guide

View our size charts below to see what size is best for you. After purchasing your new OBED, our product team will reach out to you to confirm your order and sizing information to be sure you have selected the optimum size.

If you're on the border of two sizes, the right size may depend on certain body measurements and your riding style. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding sizing questions - our product specialists are experienced with finding riders the right fit by cross-referencing your information with our fit database.  

If you're not transferring measurements from a similar bike, to get completely "dialed in" for maximum performance, we recommend you see a reputable professional bike fitter that can fit you to your new bike.

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5'7" - 5'11"

5'10" - 6'2"


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