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Welcome to a project born from months of hard work and a passion for storytelling.

Borne in the hills of Tennessee, we’ve developed a range of gravel bikes poised to carry you in your adventures, and we felt it was time to bring our community together and share the joy we have found in OBED bikes.

In our first publication, Spoke & Terrain, we bring to you a collective of narratives that speak to what inspires us to create incredible bikes built for your own adventure.

It all goes back to our collective motivation: to enjoy ourselves and play. Trail-hardened bikepacker, weekend warrior, hardcore racer, we are of the same ilk.

We collate the events, the athletes, the moments of our burgeoning, dusty discipline and celebrate them here, for you to enjoy. We hope this assemblage of stories, recollections from the trail and the race, inspire you look inward, and explore outward—wherever that takes you.


Unforgettable Days.
Unrivaled Company.
Unbelievably Fun Bikes.

The world is full of incredible places. Some of them are thousands of miles away and take multiple flights to get there. Others are a short spin from your doorstep. Either way, life’s too short to leave them undiscovered.

OBED was born out of a passion for exploring the hard-to-reach routes that lead to breathtaking views. We believe one of the best ways to experience the outdoors is on two wheels. With our range of bikes, you can tackle tougher terrain, plan bigger expeditions, and discover new destinations.

Bikes for Every Kind of Adventure

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding for years or a few months — we all crave that feeling of freedom that grows stronger with every turn of the pedal crank.

Keep chasing that feeling on one of our rugged and refined steeds specially designed for gravel, road, or mountain adventures.  

Apart from other brands, you can customize your OBED bike with our range of color, decal, and spec options. Built-to-order and ships assembled to your door.