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Obed Bikes Sizing Gravel

Fit for Gravel: How to Adjust your Obed's Fit for Gravel Riding

April 19, 2021

Your Obed gravel bike isn't meant to ride where your road bike does. That means having gravel bike fit that accounts for the special circumstances gravel riding presents is key. Obed engineer Brad DeVaney delivers several key fit tips to consider when getting your bike fitted and ready to ride.
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Obed Bikes

Gravel Events are Back! Coach Matt Curbeau's Top Tips to being event-ready in 2021

April 13, 2021

Everesting? "Virtual" events? So 2020! It's Spring of 2021, and gravel events are back! Elite racer and coach Matt Curbeau delivers his top tips to get back into event mode.
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Obed Exclusive

Size Guide

View our size charts below to see what size is best for you. After purchasing your new Obed, our product team will reach out to you to confirm your order and sizing information to be sure you have selected the optimum size.

If you're on the border of two sizes, the right size may depend on certain body measurements and your riding style. Feel free to contact us at any time regarding sizing questions - our product specialists are experienced with finding riders the right fit by cross-referencing your information with our fit database.  

If you're not transferring measurements from a similar bike, to get completely "dialed in" for maximum performance, we recommend you see a reputable professional bike fitter that can fit you to your new bike.

Boundary / Baseline / Borough Size Chart


5'1" - 5'6"


5'4" - 5'9"


5'7" - 5'11"

5'10" - 6'2"


6'1" - 6'5"


Seclud Size Chart


5'3" - 5'8"


5'7" - 5'11"

5'10" - 6'2"


* Sizing to be used as reference only

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